Service and Repair Price List


Club Re-grip with grip purchase

Club Re-grip Customer grip

Shorten Club

Lengthen Club

Swingweight Adjustment

Adjust Loft/Lie-Iron-each

Adjust Loft/Lie-Putter

Remove Broken Shaft

Tighten Loose Head

Re-shaft Wood/Iron

Re-shaft Bore Thru Wood/Iron

Spine Align Shaft – Per Shaft

Save Existing Grip

Club Fitting – Basic

Club Fitting – Premium

Swing Instruction – 1/2 hour

Club Analysis – per club

Club Analysis Plus – per club

Club Analysis – 14 clubs

Club Analysis Plus – 14 clubs




























Club Fitting – Basic:

Static measurements include club length, lie angle and grip size


Club Fitting – Premium:

Includes Basic Fitting plus analysis of current clubs, then into our Foresight GC2 simulator to measure ball flight, swing speed, carry distance, total distance (plus roll), spin rates, launch angles, face impact and smash factor (efficiency rating).


Club Analysis:

Measure Loft and Lie and Swingweight


Club Analysis Plus:

Includes basic Club Analysis plus overall weight, length, shaft frequency (true stiffness) and moment of inertia (MOI) cycles.